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At FormaShape™, our products are specifically designed to meet your most demanding design, performance, processing and environmental requirements. FormaShape™ has a global network of people, resources, and facilities that are ready to assist you develop innovative solutions for your most difficult project challenges. Our in-house engineering and design staff can provide you with the answers needed to move your project from concept to reality.


Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite walls and ceiling panels are widely used throughout the construction and building industries. FRP offers a number of significant features including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, low maintenance, and easy installation. Panels are used for both interior decorative applications as well as external structural or light transmission applications.

Fascia Cladding





FormaShape™ with the parent company, Whitewater Composites Ltd., is one of the world's largest manufacturers of fiberglass waterpark attractions. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of artificial and themed attractions throughout the world. With the largest 5-Axis CNC router machine in Western Canada, FormaShape™ can produce 3D foam props, movie sets, custom molds and plugs, 3D CAD modeling, scanning and conceptual designs.

Custom Sculptures

Transportation / Transit

Ship and Marine Equipment

Water Parks


Decorators and designers use their imagination and knowledge and by employing forms, shapes, style, colors, texture and materials to create unique, industry changing structures and designs where people live, work and entertain. Fiberglass is the ideal material to use, either indoors or outdoors, fiberglass frees the decorators and designer’s imagination to create any shape any colour any design. The ability of fiberglass to be molded to complex and infinite shapes, its low maintenance, and the option to pre-finish the product, makes it an ideal material for many different uses.

Movie Set Theming

Banks and other Commercial Buildings

Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structure

Medical equipment enclosures