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Fibreglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP) is an ideal solution for the telecommunications industry. The unique properties of its non-conductivity and radio transparency make it especially well-suited for the telephone, radio, television, and internet sectors. FormaShape has worked with private and crown corporations across North America to create towers, satellite dishes, shrouds, and bases for in-field applications. The durability of FRP ensures that these projects are low maintenance which is crucial, given the often-remote nature of the sites.

FRP offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any material which makes it the best option for in-field installations.  Lightweight panels can be easily assembled in the most remote locations and the unsurpassed durability of fibreglass means lower ongoing maintenance costs for these projects.

Fibreglass is an excellent option for antenna concealment projects with the ability to produce products that blend into the community yet don’t interfere with communication signals.

A close-up look at our fibreglass work to protect an antenna from ice.

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