FormaShape™ has been providing clients from around the world with custom, project-specific, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated Fiberglass solutions. We are a subsidiary of WhiteWater, the world leader in the manufacturing and installation of Premium Water Parks.

Our technical process

Established in 1981 to produce waterslide flumes for it’s parent company WhiteWater Industries, WhiteWater Composites Ltd. has expanded it’s product offerings under the FormaShape™ brand to include architectural cladding, fascia and custom applications.  Fiberglass structures, automotive components, aquaculture enclosures, transportation shelters, thematic elements for movie sets and translucent features for construction are all within FormaShape's™ capabilities.


How we make it Possible?


  1. Analyze the need of the customer: Every project has a purpose, whether that be branding / re-branding, protecting sensitive electrical equipment from the elements or aesthetically blending a structure into its surroundings. We take pride in our ability to listen and understand your needs. We can only provide an efficient and economical solution to meet your unique needs if we take the time to actively listen. We encourage our clients and partners to “Challenge Us” to meet, create and produce any project.
  2. Design and approval:
    Every product and project begins with brainstorming of the design and production of a 3D Architecture Design of the project to ensure the customers’ needs and expectations are met. This is the first step to ensuring project success and project management throughout the duration of the project cycle.
  3. Project Review and Active Planning:
    Then the project plan and an active discussion will take place taking the comments and notes from the customer to map out project lifecycle. Changes will be made according to the need and a final plan submitted after approval.
    This step is to make sure that everyone is targeting the same vision of the finished product / project.
  4. Manufacturing:
    This is where your vision turns into reality. Ratios, temperatures, weights, thicknesses, and chemistry are important in the world of FRP, but it is our experienced team, strict Quality Control measures (ISO9001:2015) and active communication processes that we believe makes the difference in the final product.
  5. Delivery:
    Perfect execution of your project / product is immaterial if it doesn’t get to you in immaculate condition and on the agreed upon time. We at FormaShape™ take pride in making sure that all timelines are met and the product is delivered on time through our strict Quality Management System.

Proud Certifications