FormaShape Products

SilkTek™ Gas Station Canopies

Engineered SilkTek™ gas station canopy fascia is available in vibrant brand colors and supports innovative re-branding designs with stylish, curvilinear, 3D shapes. FormaShape's™ products are designed and manufactured for rapid installation, superior durability, easy maintenance compared to metal exterior cladding products.

SilkTek™ Convenience Store Fixtures

Complex compound curves and molded one piece fixtures provide unlimited fascia and fixture shaping capabilities, a sleek, seamless appearance, and bold brand statements. SilkTek CCM provides superior aesthetics, price and durability over aluminum.

SilkTek™ Gas Pump Shrouds

SilkTek™ curved composite materials are 20 to 30 percent lighter than competing aluminum designs and are painted with automotive-grade acrylic urethane paint system from BASF, which FormaShape™ backs with a 10-year no-fade warranty.

SilkTek™ Column Cladding

FormaShape's™ column cladding efficiently recreates existing tin or aluminum cladding in a smaller, more modern, efficient design, substantially reducing the time it takes to remodel a facility and cutting installation time by at least 50 percent.

SilkTek™ Automated Bank Machine (ABM) Cladding

SilkTek™ wall cladding consolidates multiple ABM parts into one fiberglass shroud and provides unlimited shaping and finished surface capabilities. Curvilinear moulded one piece fiberglass fixtures create a sleek, seamless appearance and bold brand statements.

SilkTek™ Wall Cladding

SilkTek™ wall cladding covers large surface areas with limitless options for colors and textured finishes. Custom engineered to install quickly, withstand UV radiation, repel the elements, and support large exterior signage.

SilkTek™ Signage

FormaShape's™ signage options create endless possibilities for seamless icons, curved monolithic, and pylon signs. Engineered SilkTek™ (CCM) consolidates multiple aluminum parts into one molded light-weight, seamless composite part.

SilkTek™ Waterslides

FormaShape™ is the only manufacturer to use a closed moulded manufacturing process (RTM) to create our SilkTek™ waterslide series with a perfectly smooth surface on both sides for a much superior waterslide. Fibreglass reinforced structural products have an unprecedented ability to form 3D shapes and complex compound curves.
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