February 19, 2008

FormaShape™ Launches Low-Cost Retail Re-imaging Product

FormaShape (Kelowna, B.C., Canada), one of North America's leading manufacturers of composite fibreglass, has developed a cost effective re-imaging solution that enables smaller retail petroleum marketers to achieve the premium facility branding standards of their larger competitors.

Centex Petroleum, a Calgary-based retail petroleum business, is the first of FormaShape's clients to benefit from this innovation in petroleum facility branding. Centex Petroleum, which operates nine regional retail stations across Western Canada, approached FormaShape to design and deliver a re-imaging solution that would differentiate Centex from its competitors.

As a market leader in re-imaging of petroleum canopies with engineered fiberglass cladding, FormaShape has been regularly sought out by small and large petroleum retailers, as well as designers and installers of signage. When the number of facilities is over one hundred, the investment of tooling is a small factor, easily amortized over each facility in the re-imaging program. Unfortunately, the same tooling costs are problematic when re-imaging a dozen sites or less.

"Our solution was to create a stock canopy cladding product that can be customized cost effectively to meet the individual needs and branding objectives of smaller petroleum retailers. With the launch of the FormaShape Canopy Cladding Kit, we are able to spread the cost of tooling across a number of clients, while still providing a premium image solution on a rapid delivery time table... Typically, a custom fibreglass project can take months in the design and tooling phase. With this new product we can deliver within four to six weeks," Steele added.

A pilot project is now underway, with the re-branding of two of the Centex sites already complete. Alnoor Bhura, Managing Partner of Centex Petroleum is delighted with the success of the program to date: "With the help of FormaShape, we have been able to create a stunning facility brand image that is equal, if not better than, those displayed by North America's largest petroleum retail corporations - at a fraction of the cost," Bhura stated.

FormaShape is one of North America's largest manufacturers of composite fiberglass and is the market leader in the application of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) for architectural products and is a recognized leader in the application of closed moulded resin transfer technology. Founded in 1981, the company operates out of an ISO 9001 certified 80,000 square foot purpose built facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, using Lean manufacturing principles. In 2007, FormaShape was named winner of the Okanagan Science & Technology Council (OSTEC) Innovative Organization of the Year award.

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