April 10, 2012

FormaShape's Unique Branding Solution Gaining Popularity

Kelowna, BC – FormaShape is enjoying a rapid surge in interest for their newest product, SilkTek, an innovative fibreglass product designed to respond to the changing needs of independent fuel marketers.

“Over the past two years we’ve seen a growing trend towards ‘de-branding’ of gas stations across North America as major fuel suppliers divest themselves of smaller outlets and they are rebranded by independent operators,” says Bren Steele, Director of Marketing and Sales at FormaShape.

“Our exclusive fibreglass composite is an excellent alternative to traditional aluminum, providing a versatile, long-lasting solution for signage and canopy cladding for retail chains seeking to upscale their image.”

SilkTek products are unique to the marketplace, as they can be moulded to a wide variety of shapes in virtually any size, can be tinted to any colour, and are translucent, allowing for vivid lighting. This flexibility combined with the quick production rate makes this product extremely appealing.

“Independent fuel marketers are rapidly realizing that brand image is vital to their success in this increasingly competitive marketplace,” says Steele, “and forward-thinking entrepreneurs are embracing SilkTek as a leading-edge solution to ‘front-court’ image needs.”

Alberta-based operators Sal Handle and Alnoor Bhura were among the first independent dealers to upscale their storefront image with SilkTek canopies and signage.

“When we first partnered with FormaShape our challenge was to create a best-in-class canopy image,” says Bhura, President of Centex Petroleum, “and one of our retailers demanded an eight-week conversion. FormaShape exceeded expectations and delivered our product ahead of schedule.”

“Our goal was not just to refresh our image,” says Handle, President of Gas Plus Inc., “but to also attract higher value consumers. FormaShape’s product was the perfect solution for upgrading our storefront presence.”

FormaShape manufactures SilkTek Curved Composite Material in custom designs as well as off-the-shelf panels that are ready to ship on four weeks’ notice. It has been installed on over 5,000 stations across North America for clients including Husky Energy, Petro Canada and Ultramar.

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