FAQ - Lean Manufacturing

A Lean Enterprise is focused on "Customer Success". The goals for a Lean Enterprise and for FormaShapeTM are to improve quality, eliminate waste, reduce lead time, and reduce total costs. This means getting the customer what they want, with the highest quality, at a competitive price, on time every time, and with great customer service.

The Lean System is a culture. It is a totally different way of doing business that emphasizes the prevention of waste: Waste is defined as any activity that consumes resources but does not create value in the eyes of the customer. The seven types of waste include overproduction, inventory, defects, motion, processing, waiting, and transport. See Lean Manufacturing in action on FormaShape's™ Lean Page

A Lean Enterprise fosters a company culture in which all employees continually improve their skill levels and production processes. As the Lean Enterprise is customer focused, its products and services are created and delivered in the right amounts, to the right location, at the right time, and in the right condition. Products and services are produced only for a specific customer order rather than being added to an inventory.

House of Lean

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