Petro Canada Case Study

Cost-Effective Painted Fiberglass Canopy Façade


click to enlarge image Gas Station re-imaging programs have become a priority for many leading petroleum marketers as companies expand their facilities to include non-fuel sources of income and focus marketing efforts on sites with high throughput volumes. FormaShape ™ has fabricated custom engineered canopy cladding for over 900 Petro-Canada gas stations. In 1995, Petro-Canada was given a brand image award for their new gas station design, which incorporated our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) product. In 2002, they were awarded the Convenience Store Decisions Cup, becoming the first non-U.S. chain to win the award.

Project Overview

As Strategic Alliance Partners, Petro-Canada (PC) and FormaShape cooperate to renovate over 900 retail gas stations Canada-wide with cost-effective painted fiberglass canopy fascia.
"In the retail business, Petro-Canada completed the core of its re-imaging program, contributing to industry-leading throughputs. Within theCompany’s network, annual gasoline sales from re-imaged sites averaged just under seven million litres per site. The Company has extended the re-imaging program to independent retailers and, to date, nearly 60% of these retailers have chosen to participate."
Petro-Canada Annual Report 2007

FormaShape Scope of Work

  • Engineer and fabricate FRP canopy fascia.
  • Analyze product design & fabrication processes to improve cost-efficiencies.
  • Apply BASF automotive-grade paint system with a 10-year UV color-fading & gloss-loss warranty.
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