Canadian Tire Case Study

Since initiating a rebuilding program in 1994, 249 new Canadian Tire stores have opened, resulting in a total store network of 443 stores.

Canadian Tire 2001
2Q Report
Canadian Tire
In partnership with Canadian Tire (CTC), Formashape™ designed, engineered, and manufactured FRP exterior cladding panels for the main entrance of CTC's retail stores as an alternative to traditional tip-up concrete panels. As well, Formashape™ is the principle supplier of FRP cladding panels for Canadian Tire's gas stations and convenience stores.

Formashape™ Scope of Work

Canadian Tire
  • Provide reliable stress analysis on parts.
  • Visualize, design,band demonstrate product components.
  • Engineer and fabricate FRP external cladding panels for main entrance of retail store and gas station convenience stores.
  • Anaylze product design and fabrication processes to improve cost-efficiencies.
  • Panels were sealed and then secured by FormaShape's™ proprietary clip system.
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